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Pretty hairstyle

Today it was a bit cloudy, but I woke up in the morning wish for sun. Then I remembered of Elsie how-to about “How-to style a Summertime Twist” on her blog A Beautiful Mess (btw, this is a must see blog, she’s so inspiring!), and came up with a similar hair style.

This was the result (photo taken at the end of the day):

My hair is quite long and hard to define, but I felt it came out beautifully!

The Wool Cicle Workshop

O Ciclo da Lã from Tiago Pereira on Vimeo.

Aldeia.org is organizing a workshop on the 28th and 29th May about rural activities in extinction, called “The Wool Cicle” (“O Cliclo da Lã”). It has the following program:

  • Walk with Shepherd and Sheep
  • Clipping Wool
  • Wool Wash
  • Spinning
  • Natural Dyeing
  • Loom and Knitting Workshop

Doesn’t it sound great? Unfortunately it is in Miranda do Douro, very far from my hometown…


There is a time (sometimes more than one) in every person’s life that a change is needed. When you’re a kid, you change between schools. When you’re a early teen, you change hair styles. When you’re graduating you change between boyfriends. When you’re a grown up, you change between jobs. When you have a family, you change between houses… That’s life!

For a certain number of reasons, this was not a good year for me. Lots of things did not go as well as I wanted, starting the year by loosing a very dear and close friend.

At the end of 2010 I am ready to write down what I want: I want a change!