The prince frog

Here is my prince frog. I’ve made it with Viriato wool. Its inspired in the pattern of Mr. Froggy from Amigurumi Girl.


Comtemporary Art Fair – review

My first fair was boring nice. Not many people appeared, but I’ve manage to sell some of my items. Everybody loved my dolls 😀 I’m going to be very busy in the next few days, I’m sorry if I don’t show up here that much…

I’ll be posting some photos of the fair when I can!

Here in my car

The car was found, its perfect! 🙂

I’ve fallen in love with him… The decision has been made…  There’s only some papers to be sign.

Do you want to know which car is?

A beautiful, powerful Toyota Celica St TA22 1.6 😀  I’m drooling as I type!

Here’s a little photo of him:

Here in my car

More photos will be posted another day!..

Manual Arts Fair

I’ve decided to participate in a manual arts fair. I’ve never been to one, but I think it will be fun! Its on the the weekend of 24/25 of November 2007, in Santa Maria da Feira (15 minutes driving from Porto), in Portugal. The dolls that will be on sale are going to be posted in the Store. I’m going to post photos when I can take new ones. It’s very dark when I leave work and the photos with flash are awfull! Until then, you can see them in my flickr account (check the right sidebar).

The first post is the most difficult one, I guess. I’ve decided to talk a little about myself.

I’m a Communication And Marketing Assistant in an IT company. I love to travel, to meet new places and people. The first trip I’d done this year was to Africa, for almost a month. I’ve travel (by car) through Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia. It was a charitable rally, known as Rally-Dakar of the Poor. It was the most exciting adventure I have ever been in my life, and made me fall in love with Africa. But I’ll tell you more about this in another post! This year I’ve also been to Wales and England for some times (I’ve lost the count now :S ) and I feel Wales is my paradise.

I’m about to buy my dream car… My heart don’t calm down… I’ll post some photos of it 😉

I knit every day of the week. I’m a knitting addicted. I have some books and I’m always surfing in the web looking for some patterns/inspiration/ideas. I’ll show you my work here in this blog, and you can always buy the works you love most in the store!

kiss kiss*