Almost leaving

Tomorrow morning I’m leaving! YAY! Finally I’m going to have vacations. So, what is it expected to do in the day before, having to get an aeroplane at 8 a.m.?

No, I haven’t done my suitcase yet. I haven’t even thought about what to take with me! I was sleeping distracted with my knitting all afternoon! I have decided to do Princess Philo Cable Bag Kelly to my mother.

Here a photo of what I’ve done so far:

Now I should be getting ready to go to the shopping centre to buy some presents to give my friends over there. But no… I’m writing this post as I look for Yarn Shops in Swansea! I’m such a freak!

So far, I’ve found Mrs. Macs Shop. For what I’ve seen, it sells mostly Rowan Yarns. I’ve also found Habiknit and H. R. Jones & Co, but any info on this ones. I guess I have to stop by and look!

Why don’t we have decent yarn shops in Portugal? 😦 Here, Yarn Shops look like they have stopped in time. They don’t offer much merchandise, or quality. And buying on-line is so expensive…

But this is no time for tears! I’m going to travel and I’m happy!

Be aware Wales! Here I goooo!


Which pattern?

Today I was passing by my local yarn shop and I just didn’t resist to buy “Egipto” from Tricots I.M. Lda. It was in sale and I’ve never tried it before. Its in light pink, 100% cotton, 100% Portuguese and I have no idea what to do with it…

Here I am, wondering on Ravelry, trying to find a pattern for this yarn. What do I do?

A bag? A hat? A scarf? Oh decisions decisions…

Travelling around the world

Well, not exactly around the world… Its time to start thinking about my next travellings. But first, an insight of my previous wonders.

Last year I went to New York City in what I had thought to be my dream journey. I still don’t know. It was so cold and I was terribly ill and spent the whole time inside the house or in the hospital. I’ve met wonderful people, and an extremely loving boy who toke care of me when I was ill.

Me in Times Square, New York City

After that I went to London, and I’ve decided to make something crazy adventurous. Going in a road trip to Africa. And against my parents will I’ve participated in a charitable rally (called Plymouth-Banjul Challenge), from Plymouth (England) to Bajul (Gambia). So, in the 29th December 2006 I’ve departured from my town, Porto, meeting everyone in Tarifa (Spain) for a whole month travel. This was the most amazing trip I’ve done so far. It was the time of my life. I’ve fallen in love with African smell. Its so characteristic. So wonderful. Maybe later I’ll write more about this.

Me in the Sahara desert

Cars broking down…

After this adventure of hunger, tears, friendship, drug dealers, weapons pointed to me, children smiles, I’ve decided to calm down. Only this year I went about 5 or 6 times to Wales. That country is paradise. I love it! I want a house there! I want my children (when I’ve got them) to grow up there! This Sunday I’m going there again eh eh eh

Me in Swansea, Wales, near King’s Arthur Rock

And what next? A friend of mine invited me to go to Stockholm (Sweden) in February, and in April I’m going to Paris! Sweet Paris! With three friends. But I need more! 😀

I’m thinking that maybe this is the right year to do voluntary work in Africa. I’m in contact with some people who are helping me. My contract in the company I’m in ends at the end of July, and I need to plan my life. This new project is to help, teach and warm children with AIDS in Mozambique.

Oh… only 366 days and so many places to go.. so much things to know… so many people to meet, so many children to warm… what should I do?…

Hot Cocoa Swap – 2

Is it normal not to hear a word from the Hot Cocoa Swap? It’s the first swap I registered, and I don’t know exactly how it works, but I was expecting to receive a confirmation email…

Meanwhile, I’ll drink some hot chocolate from my new cup… Delicious…

I’ll leave you a question: What is your favourite hot chocolate? Labelled or home made?

I prefer the one my mother makes, but I like labelled hot chocolate aswell. I like Magnum Hot and Cadbury (I haven’t trying much more).

Its unfair to say my mother makes the best hot chocolate and not giving the recipe. So here it is! She doesn’t know the exact measures, but she put Maizena flour and chocolate in a pan, and she adds milk. She thinks it is around one spoon of Maizena flour and 4 of chocolate to one cup of milk.

Now is your turn!

Merry Christmas!

Here Christmas is just beginning. Santa came last night, today was the celebration of Jesus birth, and the party is going to extend until the Kings Day (January 6th), which was when baby Jesus received the visit of the three kings.

Santa brought me more presents though. An amazing jewellery box with the world map, so I can schedule my next travellings in my new agenda, while reading my new two books, making myself beautiful with my new lip gloss, my new underwear and my new wonderful top.

Here is my beautiful with some of my presents and his own present 🙂 He’s my biggest gift of all times!

I hope your Christmas is as happiest as mine!

Merry Christmas Oh Oh Oh

I’ve survived!

My company’s Christmas dinner was OK… It had good and bad things.

The bad things first: I had to be sited next to a colleague boyfriend who I don’t like, and he is so civilized that he spent the whole dinner with his back to me! So rude! The second bad thing, was the food. Too much quantity and little quality. The restaurant is famous for the traditional Portuguese food, but it isn’t nothing special. The 12 deserts were a promise. Unfortunately, they all tasted the same, and it wasn’t that nice.

The good thing was the sangria. Yami!

I just couldn’t stop laughing with my pals, VC LF PT and NM. They are such a clowns! And we were all so drunk… And the administrator right next to us!

And now here I am… In my desk, with my cup of tea.