I’ve survived!

My company’s Christmas dinner was OK… It had good and bad things.

The bad things first: I had to be sited next to a colleague boyfriend who I don’t like, and he is so civilized that he spent the whole dinner with his back to me! So rude! The second bad thing, was the food. Too much quantity and little quality. The restaurant is famous for the traditional Portuguese food, but it isn’t nothing special. The 12 deserts were a promise. Unfortunately, they all tasted the same, and it wasn’t that nice.

The good thing was the sangria. Yami!

I just couldn’t stop laughing with my pals, VC LF PT and NM. They are such a clowns! And we were all so drunk… And the administrator right next to us!

And now here I am… In my desk, with my cup of tea.


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