Hot Cocoa Swap – 2

Is it normal not to hear a word from the Hot Cocoa Swap? It’s the first swap I registered, and I don’t know exactly how it works, but I was expecting to receive a confirmation email…

Meanwhile, I’ll drink some hot chocolate from my new cup… Delicious…

I’ll leave you a question: What is your favourite hot chocolate? Labelled or home made?

I prefer the one my mother makes, but I like labelled hot chocolate aswell. I like Magnum Hot and Cadbury (I haven’t trying much more).

Its unfair to say my mother makes the best hot chocolate and not giving the recipe. So here it is! She doesn’t know the exact measures, but she put Maizena flour and chocolate in a pan, and she adds milk. She thinks it is around one spoon of Maizena flour and 4 of chocolate to one cup of milk.

Now is your turn!


2 thoughts on “Hot Cocoa Swap – 2

  1. I think we get confirmation when we get partners assigned. I have not heard from them yet either and know at least count we were up to 50 people and counting. I think once registration closes because it is so large we will hear more!

    Thrilled to have you on board I love HM too!!!!


  2. Hey there,

    It’s michelle from the Hot Cocoa Swap.. sorry to leave you hanging… with the holidays it was just too difficult to send a confirmation email out to each person.

    Today Lesley and I divided up the list of registrations and you are going to be in my group… I will get pairings taken care of over the next couple of days and will send out an email then to each person with their partner’s info 🙂

    Love you travel pics 🙂 you’re so lucky to have been to so many places…

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