Travelling around the world

Well, not exactly around the world… Its time to start thinking about my next travellings. But first, an insight of my previous wonders.

Last year I went to New York City in what I had thought to be my dream journey. I still don’t know. It was so cold and I was terribly ill and spent the whole time inside the house or in the hospital. I’ve met wonderful people, and an extremely loving boy who toke care of me when I was ill.

Me in Times Square, New York City

After that I went to London, and I’ve decided to make something crazy adventurous. Going in a road trip to Africa. And against my parents will I’ve participated in a charitable rally (called Plymouth-Banjul Challenge), from Plymouth (England) to Bajul (Gambia). So, in the 29th December 2006 I’ve departured from my town, Porto, meeting everyone in Tarifa (Spain) for a whole month travel. This was the most amazing trip I’ve done so far. It was the time of my life. I’ve fallen in love with African smell. Its so characteristic. So wonderful. Maybe later I’ll write more about this.

Me in the Sahara desert

Cars broking down…

After this adventure of hunger, tears, friendship, drug dealers, weapons pointed to me, children smiles, I’ve decided to calm down. Only this year I went about 5 or 6 times to Wales. That country is paradise. I love it! I want a house there! I want my children (when I’ve got them) to grow up there! This Sunday I’m going there again eh eh eh

Me in Swansea, Wales, near King’s Arthur Rock

And what next? A friend of mine invited me to go to Stockholm (Sweden) in February, and in April I’m going to Paris! Sweet Paris! With three friends. But I need more! 😀

I’m thinking that maybe this is the right year to do voluntary work in Africa. I’m in contact with some people who are helping me. My contract in the company I’m in ends at the end of July, and I need to plan my life. This new project is to help, teach and warm children with AIDS in Mozambique.

Oh… only 366 days and so many places to go.. so much things to know… so many people to meet, so many children to warm… what should I do?…


2 thoughts on “Travelling around the world

  1. wow, that sounds like quite the adventure! I have a friend in Norway who said he was going to do some sort of Rally drive like what you did… I think it was called Mongol Rally or something like that.

    I’m hoping to get away somewhere next year too, but probably nothing as adventurous as you 🙂

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