Almost leaving

Tomorrow morning I’m leaving! YAY! Finally I’m going to have vacations. So, what is it expected to do in the day before, having to get an aeroplane at 8 a.m.?

No, I haven’t done my suitcase yet. I haven’t even thought about what to take with me! I was sleeping distracted with my knitting all afternoon! I have decided to do Princess Philo Cable Bag Kelly to my mother.

Here a photo of what I’ve done so far:

Now I should be getting ready to go to the shopping centre to buy some presents to give my friends over there. But no… I’m writing this post as I look for Yarn Shops in Swansea! I’m such a freak!

So far, I’ve found Mrs. Macs Shop. For what I’ve seen, it sells mostly Rowan Yarns. I’ve also found Habiknit and H. R. Jones & Co, but any info on this ones. I guess I have to stop by and look!

Why don’t we have decent yarn shops in Portugal? 😦 Here, Yarn Shops look like they have stopped in time. They don’t offer much merchandise, or quality. And buying on-line is so expensive…

But this is no time for tears! I’m going to travel and I’m happy!

Be aware Wales! Here I goooo!


4 thoughts on “Almost leaving

  1. yeah! Travelling is so much fun! Now that I know how to knit, I look forward to going to yarn shops when I travel LOL

    I love how the cabled bag is turning out – that is too cute!

    I hope you enjoy your trip 🙂

  2. The partners are paired and you are off gallivanting!!! How am I to shop for you if I don’t know what you like? I think I will find some nice hot cocoa and can you send whipped cream in the mail?? After reading a little I’ve found one or two things that could come on my list for you!!!
    Happy Vacationing!!
    Let me know when you get back!!!

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