I’m back!

Yes is true! I’m back! It was good, but what is good don’t last.

It was a wonderful peaceful week and I’m with an horrible cold. The weather didn’t help. It was freezing cold, forecasting snow for the most of the days. It was good to review my friends, drink some beers in the pub, eat full English breakfasts (now I must go in a diet, or not…) and relax!

As I said before I go, I’ve been looking for yarn shops there. Habiknit is in the Swansea Market. I really lost my money mind with the sales! Mrs. Mac is a expensive wonderful store. I’ve never seen so much yarn together! She’s got the most beautiful Debbie Bliss and Noro yarns! I’ve felt in love and spend 25 euros in one skein of each (outch). But it was worthy! There’s never enough money for yarn!

I’m feeling a little dizzy today… I’ve arrived yesterday at 11 a.m, went to bed straight away (I had only an hour sleep in the night before because it was my goodbye party), and only woke up today at 8 a.m. Ohhh how I missed sleeping this much! Haven’t done this since uni!But waking up after 21 hours of sleep and going to work can’t be good!


One thought on “I’m back!

  1. Yeah!

    Welcome back 🙂

    Sounds like you came back with some fun yarn. I hate that there’s never enough money for all the yarn you want either (hehe).

    Noro now has sock yarn that I really want to try.

    Hope you feel better. I’m trying to fight a cold too, and I hope I win!

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