My new yarns!

I haven’t forgot to post my new yarns. But today was a crazy day at work. Yesterday, a friends uncle died, so tonight I had to go to church to give her a big hug. And then I came back and work some more. So, apologies for the poor quality of the photos.

Here’s the Debbie Bliss – Maya, in green. Gorgeous green! 100% Handspun wool.

Next is the Noro, in browns:

I bought some Shanghai Chunky:

And some randoms:

Some mohair yarn in purple:

And P. gave me this Lara Lamb Wrap Kits. She actually fought it was a scarf and a hat 😀 But since it wasn’t and she doesn’t knit, she gave them to me!

And the last one, this purple cotton (only 29 pence):

But I bought some fabrics too:

I had so much fun shopping! For moments I had forgot my cold! ih ih ih


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