My first Marshmallows!

I’ve registered in the Hot Cocoa Swap Contest of the week. So, what have Lesley and Michelle challenged me to do? A Marshmallow creature, using nothing more than marshmallows and toothpicks.

“That’s easy and fun!”, you might say! And I say you’ve got the fun part right! For me, this isn’t easy… The first obstacle I’ve encounter is: “What is a marshmallow???”

Yes, you got it… I’ve never seen it (only on movies), never taste it, never feel it. For me is was some kind of a salted sponge, that North Americans like you cook on fire. Then I was faced with the question about using marshmallows on hot cocoa… Marshmallows on hot cocoa?? I was surprised, but I’ve never said no to something I’ve never tasted before, so, I was curious.

Since we don’t have them here in Portugal, I really have to make them if I want to enter the contest. After seeing some recipes, I realized that marshmallows are sweet!!! And that North Americans cook them because they got a crispy caramel around them! Yami!

Having conquer my first obstacle, I faced another one: What does it look like?

I’ve tried to follow a recipe, but I don’t know what am I doing wrong 😦 Here is the recipe I’m making:

1. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of gelatin in half a cup of cold water:

2. In a pan, dissolve 2 cups of sugar in 3/4 cup of water. Take it to the fire until it reaches pearl spot (when it does pearls on a string), making sure that the crystals were dissolve:

3. Join the sugar to the gelatin. Put this in a glass bowl, let it rest a little and then mix until it becomes thick and white. Put some flavours (like vanilla).

4. In a cup, mix 2 tablespoons of corn starch with 2 tablespoons of confectioners sugar. Dust a pan with half of it. Put the marshmallow in the pan and let it dry out.

5. When the marshmallows are ready, cut them and dust them with the rest of the sugar.

Above is what my first try looks like. It didn’t grow at all, but it tastes superb!

In the second time, it looks much better, as you can see. But I don’t know what time it takes to go hard (it goes hard, right?)

Tomorrow I’ll try another recipe if this one doesn’t work… I welcome suggestions without corn syrup (I’ve looked and looked, and haven’t found any! Not even Golden syrup – thanks for the tip insanknitty)


8 thoughts on “My first Marshmallows!

  1. Ok, very good try. Here’s what I found taht could help with substituting for corn syrup

    I read on another site that you mix the sugar with the water and honey in a pot on the stove until well mixed. Cool to room temperature before using for your recipe.

    Also, if you can get

    Treacle syrup or honey (straight and not mixed as above).. I would try the mix from above first though. When you mix it, mix it REALLY REALLY REALLY well, it should get VERY thick and sticky… the amount of the syrup volume in your mixing bowl should about double. The second batch you did looks really good, and what I’d do is let it rest overnight, then the next day cut it with kitchen scissors (or pizza cutter) dipped frequently in powdered sugar (so the marshmallow doesn’t stick to the scissors or pizza cutter)

    Have fun!


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  3. My understanding is that non-commercial marshmallows tend to be softer than the commercial ones. Try Alton Brown’s recipe on And Good Luck!!

  4. That is just awesome. I’ve been wanting to try homemade marshmallows for awhile. There were peppermint ones on Food Network during the holidays. That would be so yummy. I think you should win a prize just for effort, and I hope your pal sends you some marshmallows. (from the cocoa swap.)

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