Marshmallows – Round 2

I was knocked out by the marshmallows! 😦 Is true… My third attempt didn’t work either… I think the problem isn’t with the syrup, but with the gelatin.

So, I’m not going to participate in the contest 😦 Tomorrow I have a friend over for dinner, and will not have the time for new experiments.  Wednesday I could make, but since Thursday I’m going to Lisbon (its around 300 km from my town), I won’t have the time to the marshmallow to go solid and make my Marshmallow person/animal/creature. Good luck for all the participants! After the decision is made, I want to see all your works! 😀

Snif Snif I really had a great idea for my marshmallow…


One thought on “Marshmallows – Round 2

  1. Ohhhhh I’m so sorry to hear your marshmallows didn’t work out.

    Even if it may be too late for the contest, don’t give up! Marshmallows are something even I haven’t tried yet, but have wanted to try to make at home.

    Perhaps you’ll get some marshmallows in your swap package from your Hot Cocoa Swap partner so that next time you will know what marshmallows taste like on top of a warm mug of hot cocoa – yum! 🙂

    BTW, I awarded you with a “You’re An Amazing Blogger” Award 🙂

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