I need to sleep, but just one post…

YAY! Emiko, from Java Gibber, remembered of me and gave me the “You’re an Amazing Blogger” award! I’m sooooooo flattered!! Thanks Emiko, this really means a lot to me! 🙂

She didn’t tag me with the 7 random questions, but I’m going to answer them. Here it goes:

1. If you could change your name what would it be?
I often change my name… Not on my ID, though.

I’m not joking!.. But I have two”first” names: Ana and Sofia (its not weird, actually its quite normal in Portugal to have two “first” names). I refer to me as Ana when I’m more down to earth. Sofia its when I’m dreaming, planning, flying away…

At home I’m always Sofia. All my family calls me that. Only some people outside my family calls me Sofia, for friends, knowns, colleagues, I’m Ana.

But outside Ana Sofia I don’t see myself as anybody else…
2. Describe a time you’ve gone overboard
I will have to agree with Emiko in this one… I’m a very passionate person, and I’m always excited about something… Maybe I’ve gone overboard buying 30 welsh cakes to my friend C. and now they’re like rock because he hasn’t eaten any!

3. What are you presently wearing?
Since I’m in bed, I’m wearing a pyjama. A red pyjama full of mouses on the trousers and with belly pockets with three cuddly little mouses.

4. Who can you never please?
My dog! He’s never satisfied! He always wants more food and cuddles and attention and food! And no, he’s not fat for his size! 😀

5. What do you wait for?
I don’t wait. I work for it! I work for helping others whenever I can. I work for always see the bright side of life, even when I’m down. I work to learn from my Past to build the Present, live the Present right now, and live the Present with a Purpose, so I can be as happy in the Future as I am now.

6. How did you learn about the birds and the bees?
With the magic box. And if the magic box says so, it must be true! 😀

7. Is it easy to be you?
It’s me. Its not easy or hard. I believe everybody has its downs and ups. That’s life. All we have to do is try to enjoy life the most. But sometimes I want to do it all, all at once, that I get soooooo tired… So I must go to sleep…


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