Great news!

For me, at least! 🙂
As I’ve told already, I don’t get along very well with two of my colleagues from work, husband (who is also one of the managers) and wife. Today morning, my boss sent an email saying that she ask for her resignation! She is going away!!! I’m so happy!
It’s hard for me to believe that she is going on her will. She was doing shit after shit and everybody was complaining LOTS about her (and her husband too, but since he is one of the managers, we all have to stick with him). So, she is going to another company’s from the group, which makes me think this is all a big arrangement. She has even told my boss (the general manager) that he has no balls and that he is a son of a bitch. And all because she is, or was, untouchable! eh eh eh And now she is gone! Everybody at work wants to make a big party, more to celebrate, than to say goodbye. I just wish she could take her husband with her!!!


3 thoughts on “Great news!

  1. There is nothing quite so nice as getting rid of someone without hurting them yourself!!!
    Good on you. Enjoy your work even more!!

  2. YAY!!! Party at Sofia’s

    Maybe Ill take you to a concert and get you drunk and let the boys impress you (with out tits and vomitting) LOL
    At least this is one less stressor out your cap love.


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