I’m so happy!!

Do you remember this post? Sharon made my day! AGAIN!!!!

They’re mine!! All mine!! (imagine me jumping around laughing demoniacally!!!) All thanks to Sharon!!!

And a plus! More hot cocoa and two double hearts! Sweet! 😀

I truly loved this swap!!! Thanks to all of you!


Work in progress

Today I want to show my work in progress…

I haven’t worked in my sweater, my here is a shot of how it looks now:

V. asked me for a Princess for his girlfriend. I’m going to sew all parts tonight, have to make it real pretty 🙂

And finally a little prince Frog for my friend N. so she can hold her keys.

So, all I have to do is to sew. And I don’t like it that much… Unfortunately my mother isn’t home and I have to do it myself…

Doesn’t anything works in Portugal???

I know all prizes have already been sent and the contest is over. But my intention was to make a marshmallow creature, so last night my mallow creature came alive.

I made a sheep! Eating marshmallow grass in a Hot Cocoa field 😀

But today I’m pissed off!

Last August I had an awkward episode. One morning I got up not being able to open my right eye (and not feeling my right side of the body, but I was so sleepy that I didn’t care). Since one of my colleagues from work had conjunctivitis, I thought it was the same… I was sleepy ok?

So I went to the Local Heath Center, waited a couple of hours until I was seen by the doctor, and in that waiting period I realize I wasn’t feeling my right side of face or my right arm… This is weird…

The doctor made me some exams and sent me right away to the Public Central Hospital to be seen by a neurologist. In the hospital I made blood exams, a CAT scan to my head, stayed in the hospital for 16 hours, and then they sent me home. The neurologist suspects I had a CVA.

That doctor requested an urgent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and an urgent appointment after the MRI to see the result.

August went by… I was completely fine, felling every piece of my body! September came with a smaller episode. This time I woke up not feeling one finger. Meanwhile, I received a letter from the Public Hospital scheduling my MRI to November and a couple of weeks later another letter scheduling my neurologist appointment (I remember they were both URGENT) to 20th February (today).

October I went to a private doctor, because I still wasn’t felling my sweet finger. Since I was already being seen by a neurologist, she asked me to do some exams to my articulations and muscles. One of them is awful! They stick huge needles all over your arm and give you electric shocks. Everything was fine, so there is something wrong with my central nervous system 😦

I’ve made the MRI, asked a doctor friend in that hospital to see my exam (cause it’s in the hospital database), but my neurologist hasn’t written the report. Since it isn’t his specialty he couldn’t say anything 😦

The New Year started with some light feelings on my finger, and now I’m almost good. But I still want to know what’s wrong with me and why I had those two episodes. Luckily, my appointment came!!

Or not!! Yesterday the hospital called me canceling it! Said they will send me a new letter with a new appointment date. And as the waiting list is 6 months, that’s when I will know my MRI result!

So, I’M PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve won a prize!

And at last I know what a marshmallow looks and tastes like, thanks to Michelle!

She gave me the “Girl who tried the hardest in the Marshmallow man contest” Award from the Hot Cocoa Swap! 😀 eh eh eh Thanks Michelle!!!!

And my prize is…… Marshmallows!!!!! 😀

I’ve received the package yesterday. Here’s a shot of everything I won:

It has Large Storebought Marshmallows, chocolate flavor; Mini Storebought Marshmallows; HER own homemade Mashmallows (OMG soooooo yummi!), a winterly notepad, and a fabulous Organic Cotton, Nature’s Choice in Green!!! Here’s another thing I’ve never tried before, organic cotton! 😀

And a lovely card with all of this! 😀 Thank you so much Michelle!

Sewing machine

And as I promise to some of you, a few more shots of my grandma sewing machine:

There’s my pal Red Maple. He’s so cute!

From the codes tables from Singer, this sewing machine is from the 1910s.  So, it’s almost turning a century!

Oh! About the yarn I received from my Hot Cocoa Spoiler, and as you can see a few posts back.

This lovely yarn is Koigu Wool KPPPM, made in Canada. Its 100% Merino Wool, Hand-painted!!!!!!

It’s so soft and have just the right colors (for me anyway). I’m in love and I can’t wait to knit it!