A little sewing…

Just for fun!
As I told before, I’ve bought 16 pairs of bamboo needles, sooo I needed a needle bag to store them all! This Monday I stayed home with my grandmother and we both did a small needle bag. I have a shot of my grandma hands in the sewing machine, and I’m not posting anything else because the other stuff is for my Hot Cocoa Swap partner! I’ll post them when she receives her package 😉

And now my sweater report! I’ve been knitting a little everyday… And here it is:

It’s not done or nearly done, but it is so soft so wonderful… I’m really looking forward to have it all completed.


3 thoughts on “A little sewing…

  1. Cheia de sorte. Vou também enviar um bilhete à minha avó para me vir fazer uma malinha para as agulhas! Hehehehe
    Não tenho desculpa, porque até sei cozer muito bem á máquina, meu anterior trabalho em Portugal! Sá não faço mais coisas, porque realmente a máquina portátil está guardada, só o trabalho de tirar do armário e tirar a protecção e ligar tudo, deixa-me completamente sem vontade de abrir o armário. MD estou a escrever um testamento!
    Bom fim de semana;)

  2. What a beautiful picture of your Grandmum’s hands! Sofia save that to your archives hunni thats really a sweet pic for so many reasons! Her sewing machine is divine@!!!!
    Your sweater.. thats the purple plummy shirty pretty thing you posted about a few back right?

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