Sewing machine

And as I promise to some of you, a few more shots of my grandma sewing machine:

There’s my pal Red Maple. He’s so cute!

From the codes tables from Singer, this sewing machine is from the 1910s.  So, it’s almost turning a century!

Oh! About the yarn I received from my Hot Cocoa Spoiler, and as you can see a few posts back.

This lovely yarn is Koigu Wool KPPPM, made in Canada. Its 100% Merino Wool, Hand-painted!!!!!!

It’s so soft and have just the right colors (for me anyway). I’m in love and I can’t wait to knit it!


One thought on “Sewing machine

  1. That sewing machine is a beauty! it’s great to see items still in use for such a long time – i’ll bet tons of items have been sewn up with that machine.

    I’ve yet to knit with koigu, but have a few skeins in my stash – they will definitely be socks for me 🙂 I love that colourway – beautiful purples!

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