I’ve won a prize!

And at last I know what a marshmallow looks and tastes like, thanks to Michelle!

She gave me the “Girl who tried the hardest in the Marshmallow man contest” Award from the Hot Cocoa Swap! 😀 eh eh eh Thanks Michelle!!!!

And my prize is…… Marshmallows!!!!! 😀

I’ve received the package yesterday. Here’s a shot of everything I won:

It has Large Storebought Marshmallows, chocolate flavor; Mini Storebought Marshmallows; HER own homemade Mashmallows (OMG soooooo yummi!), a winterly notepad, and a fabulous Organic Cotton, Nature’s Choice in Green!!! Here’s another thing I’ve never tried before, organic cotton! 😀

And a lovely card with all of this! 😀 Thank you so much Michelle!


2 thoughts on “I’ve won a prize!

  1. You seriously tried the hardest of everyone I think at making a marshmallow creature seeing as you would have to make your own marshmallows to do it… I didn’t want you to feel let down in not trying a marshmallow after all of that ! 🙂 Glad you liked everything!

  2. I am so gald she sent you marshmallows – I couldn’t find any the day I went grocery shopping for them and then I forgot and thank goodness someone was quicker than me. I haven’t seen any in the shops around here lately (more of a summer treat) and I only have rainbow coloured ones in my cupboard.
    You did try really hard and I just need a better memory!!

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