What else?

What else will happen to me?

Yesterday I’ve discovered someone had cloned my credit card. They’ve made 3 purchases in Paris, France, in the amount of 1000 euros!!!

Why don’t they still from the rich?? And why do this kind of sh*t always happens to me??

So yesterday, I  spent all day between the bank and the police station. It was so boring!!!

And in the police station.. OMG! It’s another reality!

When I got there, it should be shift changing. One very cute policeman came to me and heard my complaints. But he had to go away, so another policeman was called. This one looked like a retard didn’t know how to take my complaint, so the other policeman tried to explain what he got to do. And everytime the very cute policeman said my name, he looked at me and blinked me an eye ih ih ih

It seems the process is all digital now, but the police didn’t got any training. Well, this policeman was so lame and didn’t know how a computer worked, he used it like a type machine, and he didn’t even know what forms should I fill. I spent 2 hours in the police station, and was sent away, cause the “system was down”.

I came to work, and had to go to the police station again, at night, to sign my complaint (I don’t know the name for this in English). Now I have to go to court, a few times a month 😦 Meanwhile, I’ve got to wait for my VISA insurance to give my money back, and I sure hope they do, cause I even had to spent 30 euros to cancelled my credit card!!!

I’m so pissed off…


Tickling fingers

Now and then I get the feeling of tickling fingers… Especially when I see something I really really really would like to knit.

So, my heart is beating, my fingers are screaming for this pattern:

Its Juliet from Zephyr Style. I just need to ignore my needles, so I won’t CO for this until my other sweater is ready…

It’s here!

No, not the Spring, yet. My Vogue Knitting 2007/2008 Winter issue!

It’s marvellous! I love it! I’ve never had one VK in my hands before. But for what I’ve seen in their website, I like it. So I made the decision of spending one gazillion Euro to subscribe it, only because VK doesn’t accept Euro, only dollars or Pounds.

But now its mine!! All mine!! Sometime about now I shall receive the Spring issue. Oh!!! The excitement! I can’t wait!

Now my apologies. I know I’ve been away from blogging a long time now, but I still have read all that you wrote, either comments or on your own blogs. Work has been a real hell and should stay a hell for a least another month. I get home so tired that all I want is to fall asleep on my bed.

About my knitting… My sweater (as you can see here, here, here, here and here) has stopped for the sleeves. I don’t have thick DPN, only thin. And the pattern says it should be made in DPNs. My idea is to make the sleeves flat, and sew them later. It’s not going to be that nice, but its the best idea I had…

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to do a huge crocheted frog and have stopped in the middle of the head to start a pirate (from Dream Toys by Claire Garland). One of my friends has asked me to do one for a nephew. I’ve also finished a Princess (from the same book) to a friend’s girlfriend.

Now, back to work 😥

My backyard

As I promised, here are some photos of my backyard. It as almost evening (time I usual get home) so they are a little dark… 😦

Here is a photo of our barbeque and hoven:

And my flowers starting to grow! 😀

And finally, our most amazing tree, a tangerine tree:

Hope you like them!


We have a saying in Portuguese that says: “One evil thing never comes alone”. And it is very true.

I’ve told you my day. But not all of it! Now, when I got home, I had a letter from the hospital. (you can check this previous post to see what I’m talking about). I was schedulling my next neurologist appointment. Yes, the same that they cancelled. Do you wanna guess? Come on! Test how bad the Portuguese National Health System is!

As you remember, I went to the hospital August 2007. My neurologist asked for an urgent appointment, which was schedulle to February 2008, cancelled, and schedulled again to… (drums) SEPTEMBER!!!!

I really admire our Health System!

One of those days…

Today I’m felling a little like Cass. I have to stop reading her blog, because I think I’m getting infected.

I’m having a series of non-fortunate happenings.

I’m not a high wheel girl. I prefer my trainers. My life for my trainers! So, this weekend I went party with a girl friend to Spain. All dressed up, make-up and evil high wheels. I was raining cats and dogs and I don’t have to say that I fell over a huge puddle of water. I was all wet and now I am sick and have blisters all over my delicate feet.

Now it’s very hard for me to walk, even on trainers, so my mother gives me a lift to the metro in the morning.

Today’s scenario: It’s very cold, raining like hell, I’m still sick, and my feet hurt. My brother goes down the stairs, enters my mom’s car. I was going slowly, trying not to hurt my feet and trying to secure the umbrella (I’m very clumsy with umbrellas, always get hit in the face). I was in the last step and my mother sweetly drives off… (It seems that my brother told her I wasn’t going :S )

I had to walk all the way to the station and got all wet.

Getting at work, one of my colleague have being messing around with my computer, and had broken it. I lost all my mp3 data. I had to install everything and now I don’t have any of the programs I need to work.  

So… meanwhile I thought “hmmm I think I’m going to do a hot chocolate to cheer me up!” Good idea, no? NO!

I’ve putted my cup of milk and hot cocoa (given by Sharon, my super hot cocoa spoiler) inside the microwave, set the time, and a minute later it went BUM! LOL

Oh yeah! Bits of chocolate everywhere! In the microwave, in the table, floor, walls… 😦 It seems that somebody had increased the heating power, and I haven’t noticed.

Why did I get up today???

No news good news

Sorry sorry sorry my dear friends… I’ve been away from posting cause I hadn’t got anything to say. Not any more! 😉

I’ve got a bag full with news! eh eh eh

First big one! My mother had a job proposal, for a much better job than she has, and she’s going to quit tomorrow! She’s very nervous, but so happy! Finally someone recognized her skills 🙂 I’m so happy for her!

Another news is that I already know my MRI result. I hadn’t had a stroke. The only thing that it showed was sinusitis LOL But that’s not the reason for my arm being lazy… Still have to do more exams… Oh, and I still haven’t received the letter from the hospital, scheduling another appointment with the neurologist. I went with my grandma (cause she is having troubles on walking) and the doctor that saw her told me the result.

My grandma is tired and almost doesn’t walk. Her bones are almost gone, but she is a super woman and she will bit this! 🙂

I’ve taken some pics of my backyard, so I can show you where I grew up. I’m going to post them tomorrow, cause today Photobucket is getting on my nerves.