No news good news

Sorry sorry sorry my dear friends… I’ve been away from posting cause I hadn’t got anything to say. Not any more! 😉

I’ve got a bag full with news! eh eh eh

First big one! My mother had a job proposal, for a much better job than she has, and she’s going to quit tomorrow! She’s very nervous, but so happy! Finally someone recognized her skills 🙂 I’m so happy for her!

Another news is that I already know my MRI result. I hadn’t had a stroke. The only thing that it showed was sinusitis LOL But that’s not the reason for my arm being lazy… Still have to do more exams… Oh, and I still haven’t received the letter from the hospital, scheduling another appointment with the neurologist. I went with my grandma (cause she is having troubles on walking) and the doctor that saw her told me the result.

My grandma is tired and almost doesn’t walk. Her bones are almost gone, but she is a super woman and she will bit this! 🙂

I’ve taken some pics of my backyard, so I can show you where I grew up. I’m going to post them tomorrow, cause today Photobucket is getting on my nerves.


3 thoughts on “No news good news

  1. I’m glad to hear that you got some results back – waiting around is always hard!

    Look forward to seeing backyard photos – I like seeing photos of where people grew up 🙂

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