One of those days…

Today I’m felling a little like Cass. I have to stop reading her blog, because I think I’m getting infected.

I’m having a series of non-fortunate happenings.

I’m not a high wheel girl. I prefer my trainers. My life for my trainers! So, this weekend I went party with a girl friend to Spain. All dressed up, make-up and evil high wheels. I was raining cats and dogs and I don’t have to say that I fell over a huge puddle of water. I was all wet and now I am sick and have blisters all over my delicate feet.

Now it’s very hard for me to walk, even on trainers, so my mother gives me a lift to the metro in the morning.

Today’s scenario: It’s very cold, raining like hell, I’m still sick, and my feet hurt. My brother goes down the stairs, enters my mom’s car. I was going slowly, trying not to hurt my feet and trying to secure the umbrella (I’m very clumsy with umbrellas, always get hit in the face). I was in the last step and my mother sweetly drives off… (It seems that my brother told her I wasn’t going :S )

I had to walk all the way to the station and got all wet.

Getting at work, one of my colleague have being messing around with my computer, and had broken it. I lost all my mp3 data. I had to install everything and now I don’t have any of the programs I need to work.  

So… meanwhile I thought “hmmm I think I’m going to do a hot chocolate to cheer me up!” Good idea, no? NO!

I’ve putted my cup of milk and hot cocoa (given by Sharon, my super hot cocoa spoiler) inside the microwave, set the time, and a minute later it went BUM! LOL

Oh yeah! Bits of chocolate everywhere! In the microwave, in the table, floor, walls… 😦 It seems that somebody had increased the heating power, and I haven’t noticed.

Why did I get up today???


3 thoughts on “One of those days…

  1. i understand how you feel! i also think i shouldn’t read Cass’ blog too much since i keep wondering how my misfortune’s compare to hers! hehe

  2. OH NO!! I wouldn’t wish my misadventures on anyone! But at least we have a good sense of humor, yes? Chocolate everywhere! good times. 🙂

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