It’s here!

No, not the Spring, yet. My Vogue Knitting 2007/2008 Winter issue!

It’s marvellous! I love it! I’ve never had one VK in my hands before. But for what I’ve seen in their website, I like it. So I made the decision of spending one gazillion Euro to subscribe it, only because VK doesn’t accept Euro, only dollars or Pounds.

But now its mine!! All mine!! Sometime about now I shall receive the Spring issue. Oh!!! The excitement! I can’t wait!

Now my apologies. I know I’ve been away from blogging a long time now, but I still have read all that you wrote, either comments or on your own blogs. Work has been a real hell and should stay a hell for a least another month. I get home so tired that all I want is to fall asleep on my bed.

About my knitting… My sweater (as you can see here, here, here, here and here) has stopped for the sleeves. I don’t have thick DPN, only thin. And the pattern says it should be made in DPNs. My idea is to make the sleeves flat, and sew them later. It’s not going to be that nice, but its the best idea I had…

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to do a huge crocheted frog and have stopped in the middle of the head to start a pirate (from Dream Toys by Claire Garland). One of my friends has asked me to do one for a nephew. I’ve also finished a Princess (from the same book) to a friend’s girlfriend.

Now, back to work šŸ˜„


3 thoughts on “It’s here!

  1. Ola sofia. Essa revista da vogue parece ser mesmo um espetaculo! Obrigada pelo comentario no blog, o teu blog e o teu email foi um daqueles que eu nao tinha mesmo guardado. E ja andei a fazer uma busca com o teu nome e mais sei la o que, mas nunca com sucesso. Ainda bem que comentastes!
    Atrasada, mas Boa Pascoa para ti e para os teus šŸ™‚

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