What else?

What else will happen to me?

Yesterday I’ve discovered someone had cloned my credit card. They’ve made 3 purchases in Paris, France, in the amount of 1000 euros!!!

Why don’t they still from the rich?? And why do this kind of sh*t always happens to me??

So yesterday, I  spent all day between the bank and the police station. It was so boring!!!

And in the police station.. OMG! It’s another reality!

When I got there, it should be shift changing. One very cute policeman came to me and heard my complaints. But he had to go away, so another policeman was called. This one looked like a retard didn’t know how to take my complaint, so the other policeman tried to explain what he got to do. And everytime the very cute policeman said my name, he looked at me and blinked me an eye ih ih ih

It seems the process is all digital now, but the police didn’t got any training. Well, this policeman was so lame and didn’t know how a computer worked, he used it like a type machine, and he didn’t even know what forms should I fill. I spent 2 hours in the police station, and was sent away, cause the “system was down”.

I came to work, and had to go to the police station again, at night, to sign my complaint (I don’t know the name for this in English). Now I have to go to court, a few times a month 😦 Meanwhile, I’ve got to wait for my VISA insurance to give my money back, and I sure hope they do, cause I even had to spent 30 euros to cancelled my credit card!!!

I’m so pissed off…


6 thoughts on “What else?

  1. Realmente. O mundo esta a ficar um pouco desorientado!
    Essa cena na policia dava bem para escreveres um livro! As minhas aventuras com o mundo! um bom titulo, nao. De qualquer modo muito chato o que se passou contigo, e os senhores nem foram nada meigos. $#$#&$#^$# para eles, e espero que eles sejam muito infelizes. Tenho dito!

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