I’m back!!

First of all, I want to apologise for my absence from here. I’ve been doing a thousand things more, and the little extra time I have, I try to be away from the computer.

As for my knitting, my sweater it’s only a sleeve away! 😀 Don’t have the time to knit either…

And why don’t I have time for blogging or knitting, you may ask? Well… I kinda have a boyfriend now! It’s great news, because he is exactly what I’ve been searching for. We’re very happy together. Tomorrow it’s our first monthiversary eh eh eh

I’m trying to knit him a little princess, but I just don’t have the time for anything! But yesterday (it was our 4 weeks together) I gave him a rose with my perfume. He loved it! For tomorrow I’m thinking about doing an apple pie. LOL why do lovers look like fools???

Oh well, as for everything else, all its good! I’m going to London on vacations in two weeks with honey, and I’ve been travelling around Portugal with some friends.

But now the weather isn’t cooperating. It looks like January. Lots of rain and cold. I hate this weather!!

Saturday was C. and A. wedding. It was beautiful, my dear C. was so happy! I cried so much… It’s not every day that our best friend gets married! Here is a picture of the two, look how beautiful they look together!


3 thoughts on “I’m back!!

  1. I was wondering where you’ve been, and i see why you’ve been busy 🙂

    congrats to you – sounds like you’re having a wonderful time with your new sweetie!!!

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