Vacations are over. For now I mean. It tasted like heaven!

I really love London and my sweetie loved that city too. So next year we’re moving over there! We already saw some places we like: Canary Wharf or North Greenwich. It is so beautiful! Just by the river, away from the confusion, but very near the city.

Here’s my luv by Picadilly Circus:

We went to Oxford Street to do some shopping and I fell in love with a Gola shoes. They’re lovely and super comfortable! In the colors gray and pink. They are similar to these, but much darker:

Since we were in London, the multi-cultured European city, we wanted to try different food. We ate the English Breakfast and Fish and Chips, lots of Italian food (Yammi) and some other specimen. One of these was Thai food. I loved it, but the next day I woke up with pimples all over my body… I must have done some allergy to some condiment or so. Vacations without being sick aren’t vacations to me LOL

About knitting… My sweater is almost done, just have some finishings to do!!! 😀 Thanks Sharon for the needles! Without them I could never finish it so soon! And I have 3 dolls made, just have to do the clothing now.

And now back to work (the worst part of taking some vacations…)