Winter projects

What do I want to knit this Winter?

First of all: I WANT TO KNIT!

I’m making my efforts to knit a little every day. My sweater has a whole arm sewed in and I’ve already started the second. And it makes me happy. I shouldn’t forget my good habits.

Since I’m with the flue and I’m soooo cold (stupid air conditioning), all I can think is to be in my sofa, with a blanket over my legs, my sweetie by my side (doing whatever he does on his laptop), and knitting. And what do I want to knit? Here’s my want-to-do list 😀

  • Finish my Belle Époque sweater
  • Finish my grandma’s purse
  • Finish my friend’s dolls
  • Knit a pair of socks (pattern yet to be determined)
  • Knit a hat (pattern yet to be determined)
  • Knit a good for my sweetie (decisions, decisions)
  • And, if possible, a pair of gloves or mittens and scarf for me

Until the end of this year, these are my priorities! Which patterns? Ravelry here I go!


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