FO and new Hobbies

And here is the promised photo of my FO sweater! It is so soft and warm… I love it!

Two weeks ago, I and J went to a wedding. It was an ordinary wedding, nothing new to report. But we loved the souvenirs: bonsais!

Now we’re with the bonsai fever! J has been studying how to grow bonsais and has lots of ideas to make new ones! I’ve asked my granddad to make me a little tangerine tree. And I’m thinking about doing a little flowery tree, like a Serissa Han-kengai or a Delonix Regia.

We know our bonsais are nothing but an ugly bush, but at least we’re practising 🙂


6 thoughts on “FO and new Hobbies

  1. Love your new sweater! Looks great 🙂

    What a cute wedding gift for people who attended.. a bonsai! They’re tricky to maintain, so I guess that’s why ours failed 😦 I did enjoy seeing it in the house though.

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