Get your motor runnin’

Yesterday was the National Celica’s Meeting. I went there with my kitten, and he behave so good! Everybody loved it! I’m a proud owner, I admit!

The only down of the day was a stupid asshole drunk guy. He must be around 35 years old, living with is mother, and still a virgin!! He spent the all day complaining because I drive, because of the way I shuted my door, because I leaned over my car, because I am a WOMAN!

But in general, it was a good day, a fun day! And mostly, because I had a chance to drive my car in the highway. Now I am a little worried, because I was too fast, (around 160 km/h) and the police was watching the streets… Maybe I will get one letter at home with a fine 😦

These young people… They don’t think… :$

And here is my car once again:


Get your motors running

Tomorrow is the Celica concentration, the first organized in Portugal! For the most distracted, or new here, I have a Toyota Celica, my dream car. I’ve already fill it with petrol (oh my… so expensive! €1,553 per litre!), clean it (or polished it), checked tires, everything is ready for tomorrow! I’m so excited!

I leave here another photo of my kitten! Vrum Vrum Vruuummm 😀

Here in my car

The car was found, its perfect! 🙂

I’ve fallen in love with him… The decision has been made…  There’s only some papers to be sign.

Do you want to know which car is?

A beautiful, powerful Toyota Celica St TA22 1.6 😀  I’m drooling as I type!

Here’s a little photo of him:

Here in my car

More photos will be posted another day!..