Christmas Projects – II

On 2008 I have design a desk calendar with some personified me & J icons. This was a gift to J on Christmas!

January to April


May to August


September to December

Every icon of each month is personalized, like for example, the color difference between me and J on the Summer: I always get darker with the sun, but J always stay white. Hope you like it!


Christmas Projects – I

This year I have started to do some illustrations. My first illustration was on Valentines Day – my gift to J. I have drew us together and have printed in photograph paper. It came out beautifully!

Would you be my Valentine – February 2010

When my parents were celebrating their wedding anniversary I have done a similar drawn but with the two of them when they were young. They loved it! And they loved it so much that they asked me to do a similar illustration to their friends so they can give it on Christmas. Adding this to my other Christmas projects, I am guessing I will have so much work to do on the following weeks!