Yarn Monster

J. really needs to make me one of this! He is always complaining when I ask him to help me …

An Open Hardware project in Boulder, CO by Todd Treece

Made with Arduino.


The Wool Cicle Workshop

O Ciclo da Lã from Tiago Pereira on Vimeo.

Aldeia.org is organizing a workshop on the 28th and 29th May about rural activities in extinction, called “The Wool Cicle” (“O Cliclo da Lã”). It has the following program:

  • Walk with Shepherd and Sheep
  • Clipping Wool
  • Wool Wash
  • Spinning
  • Natural Dyeing
  • Loom and Knitting Workshop

Doesn’t it sound great? Unfortunately it is in Miranda do Douro, very far from my hometown…

Inspirational colors

I love to surf on the web, searching for inspiration and maybe new projects to make.

I love the colors on Baby Panzner Blanket – Greenway (Ravelry) by Donna Yacino.

Baby Panzner Blanket – Greenway (Ravelry) by Donna Yacino

Having in mind my last post, I am super interested on buying some Capra Cashmere yarn, with 85% Merino Wool and 15% Cashmere. Have you seen the range of colors? Wonderful! Unfortunately this store is in the US, I have to find some European shop that sells this.

Capra Cahsmere yarn, on Knit Picks

FO and new Hobbies

And here is the promised photo of my FO sweater! It is so soft and warm… I love it!

Two weeks ago, I and J went to a wedding. It was an ordinary wedding, nothing new to report. But we loved the souvenirs: bonsais!

Now we’re with the bonsai fever! J has been studying how to grow bonsais and has lots of ideas to make new ones! I’ve asked my granddad to make me a little tangerine tree. And I’m thinking about doing a little flowery tree, like a Serissa Han-kengai or a Delonix Regia.

We know our bonsais are nothing but an ugly bush, but at least we’re practising 🙂

Yarn help

As anyone worked with Filatura Di Crosa Zara Chiné yarn from Tahki Stacy Charles? I don’t know how it is. If it is too rough or soft. Or if it gains spouts from too much wearing. Or if it is fantastic.

In Knitters Review it is said: “This type of spin [from Filatura di Crosa Zara and others]produces a wonderfully stable and well-wearing yarn, and I look forward to seeing more offerings in this category.”

I’m afraid to order it and don’t like it. Maybe I’ll try to find a good 100% merino yarn here in Portugal… I don’t know… What should I do?

VK fall issue

Have you seen the fall Vogue Knitting issue? I’ve fell in love with two dresses! One is from the cover:

But what truly inspired me was this dress, from Tahki Stacy Charles:

My sweater is almost finished!! I only have to shape the left arm and sew it! I think this weekend I’m going to have a new lovely warm sweater! 😀
My neighbor’s dog, Giza, a boxer, had two puppies a month and a half ago. It was her first pregnancy, and unfortunately the smallest puppy didn’t survived.

Lara, the puppy, is huge now! So cute! Just check out the next photos:

Winter projects

What do I want to knit this Winter?

First of all: I WANT TO KNIT!

I’m making my efforts to knit a little every day. My sweater has a whole arm sewed in and I’ve already started the second. And it makes me happy. I shouldn’t forget my good habits.

Since I’m with the flue and I’m soooo cold (stupid air conditioning), all I can think is to be in my sofa, with a blanket over my legs, my sweetie by my side (doing whatever he does on his laptop), and knitting. And what do I want to knit? Here’s my want-to-do list 😀

  • Finish my Belle Époque sweater
  • Finish my grandma’s purse
  • Finish my friend’s dolls
  • Knit a pair of socks (pattern yet to be determined)
  • Knit a hat (pattern yet to be determined)
  • Knit a good for my sweetie (decisions, decisions)
  • And, if possible, a pair of gloves or mittens and scarf for me

Until the end of this year, these are my priorities! Which patterns? Ravelry here I go!