Pretty hairstyle

Today it was a bit cloudy, but I woke up in the morning wish for sun. Then I remembered of Elsie how-to about “How-to style a Summertime Twist” on her blog A Beautiful Mess (btw, this is a must see blog, she’s so inspiring!), and came up with a similar hair style.

This was the result (photo taken at the end of the day):

My hair is quite long and hard to define, but I felt it came out beautifully!


The Wool Cicle Workshop

O Ciclo da Lã from Tiago Pereira on Vimeo. is organizing a workshop on the 28th and 29th May about rural activities in extinction, called “The Wool Cicle” (“O Cliclo da Lã”). It has the following program:

  • Walk with Shepherd and Sheep
  • Clipping Wool
  • Wool Wash
  • Spinning
  • Natural Dyeing
  • Loom and Knitting Workshop

Doesn’t it sound great? Unfortunately it is in Miranda do Douro, very far from my hometown…


There is a time (sometimes more than one) in every person’s life that a change is needed. When you’re a kid, you change between schools. When you’re a early teen, you change hair styles. When you’re graduating you change between boyfriends. When you’re a grown up, you change between jobs. When you have a family, you change between houses… That’s life!

For a certain number of reasons, this was not a good year for me. Lots of things did not go as well as I wanted, starting the year by loosing a very dear and close friend.

At the end of 2010 I am ready to write down what I want: I want a change!

FO and new Hobbies

And here is the promised photo of my FO sweater! It is so soft and warm… I love it!

Two weeks ago, I and J went to a wedding. It was an ordinary wedding, nothing new to report. But we loved the souvenirs: bonsais!

Now we’re with the bonsai fever! J has been studying how to grow bonsais and has lots of ideas to make new ones! I’ve asked my granddad to make me a little tangerine tree. And I’m thinking about doing a little flowery tree, like a Serissa Han-kengai or a Delonix Regia.

We know our bonsais are nothing but an ugly bush, but at least we’re practising 🙂

VK fall issue

Have you seen the fall Vogue Knitting issue? I’ve fell in love with two dresses! One is from the cover:

But what truly inspired me was this dress, from Tahki Stacy Charles:

My sweater is almost finished!! I only have to shape the left arm and sew it! I think this weekend I’m going to have a new lovely warm sweater! 😀
My neighbor’s dog, Giza, a boxer, had two puppies a month and a half ago. It was her first pregnancy, and unfortunately the smallest puppy didn’t survived.

Lara, the puppy, is huge now! So cute! Just check out the next photos:

August – the month of sun, peace and beach

I wish! I didn’t have any vacations last month. I was full of work, with no time at all! Don’t you just love it when your boss asks you to do some work that had to be done 3 weeks before? And you see yourself with no time to do what you like. Not even enough time to sleep. You got up at 7.00 am, arrive at work at 8.30 am, and you only got out of work at 22.00 pm. Some crazy weeks I had… It wasn’t easy. My boyfriend didn’t like it. I didn’t like it. But it’s over now. And I don’t care for being writing this post during my work hours. I’ve work the hell out of me, and I deserve to have some peace!

As for the beach and sun… You know… Portugal, 9 months of sun during the year. The press said back in May: “Be careful! This is going to be the hottest summer in the last 25 years”. I don’t know of what they were talking about, but it sure wasn’t about Portugal! We had no summer at all. Stupid global warming! Will I have summer at Christmas? I’m not sure I like this idea.

At least this weather confusion got me a little more preoccupied with environment. I always did my best to make environment-friendly decisions. But now I’ve become a little more environment conscious. I’ve been reading loads of info about this issue, and have learned so many things! I’ll try to share some of my findings with you 😉

Right now I’m with the flue. It sucks! But it isn’t all bad news! Nowadays, I’ve been looking for an apartment with my boyfriend. It feels so good to have someone besides you, no matter what. And building a life together is great! I really love it.

Two days ago we went to see one. It was lovely. Modern, clean, it was exactly what we’ve been searching for. Until the owner opened the blinders. Then it transformed itself into a nightmare! At least I would have nightmares if I stayed there! While the owner was opening them and view started to show, I and J were completely speechless. All that we could see from the window was a graveyard! A HUGE graveyard! A huge like football stadium huge! We were so astonished, that all we feel like doing was laugh (something like giggle loop if you saw “Coupling”). Oh my… it was so morbid!

But our hopes are high. It was our first visit, and the right apartment will come. I’m sure of that!

As for my knitting, I’ve been having nightmares about it. Seriously! I almost don’t have any time to J, and I just want to be with him. So, all my free time goes to him. My sweater, the one Sharon sweetly gave me the needles I was missing, is stopped on one sleeve away. Two dolls I was making to a friend are stopped (hair and clothes missing). And the saddest part is that I don’t know when I’m going to have the time to knit. Is like Cass said today, we should have time bottles. Every now and then I would have my sip of time.

Besides my knitting, I still have thousands of items in my “to do list”. The most urgent is my portfolio. As a designer, it is utterly important to have a portfolio. And mine is not very good… I’m working on it. Very slowly. J fully motivates me to do it. He knows I need it, and he is helping me doing it. As a System Administrator, he helped with all the geeky stuff, like settling my server and connections. He’s a sweet geek 🙂

Oh! And I’m a Linux user now! Away with Mi€ro$oft! Hooray for Open Source! I’ve been using Ubuntu release. I love it. You could think “yeah right! She says that because her boyfriend is a Linux expert and he helps her out”. I admit he helps me sometimes. But just with some commands. Ubuntu is very user-friendly and for an internet surfer or blogger it is the best! It’s much lighter than Window$ and much quicker! It doesn’t crash. It’s safer. It’s free! I fully recommend it! Get it a try! And if you need help just say it! It’s my pleasure to help. Now in my laptop I have two operating systems: Window$ (for some work) and Ubuntu (for work and fun). And yes, I’ve installing them all by myself.

My biggest setback against Linux is Photoshop and Freehand. These are my everyday tools. But they’re for Window$. I’m slowly learning how to use new tools (open source). Now I know how to work with Gimp (image editor, but not as good as Photoshop), Kompozer and Notepad++ (open source substitutes to Dreamweaver), Inkscape (Freehand alternative). I don’t know if it is my still poor knowledge about these tools, but Photoshop is unbeatable, so, it keeps me at Window$.

I really believe open source idealism is the future. We are leading, each day, to a more interconnected knowledge. Share is the new black. See Ravelry for example: you share and receive, for free! And isn’t that wonderful? Why shouldn’t other stuff be like that? You just have to want it!

I’ve been reading your blogs (apologies for not commenting them) and I conclude that money is lacking all around the world. It doesn’t matter what color is your money. What name it has. It’s always less than we need. Why not to start to do simples things to change this? Choosing a free Operating System is one tiniest answer. Using the cold water program on your washing machine is another. Adapt simple habits like soaping all your dishes first and, at the end, watering them all at once. Recycle your leftover yarn! Have you tried to knit with your old plastic shopping bags? Your old newspapers, VCR tapes? Yes, it’s possible! Everything is possible: you just have to be a little creative 🙂


Vacations are over. For now I mean. It tasted like heaven!

I really love London and my sweetie loved that city too. So next year we’re moving over there! We already saw some places we like: Canary Wharf or North Greenwich. It is so beautiful! Just by the river, away from the confusion, but very near the city.

Here’s my luv by Picadilly Circus:

We went to Oxford Street to do some shopping and I fell in love with a Gola shoes. They’re lovely and super comfortable! In the colors gray and pink. They are similar to these, but much darker:

Since we were in London, the multi-cultured European city, we wanted to try different food. We ate the English Breakfast and Fish and Chips, lots of Italian food (Yammi) and some other specimen. One of these was Thai food. I loved it, but the next day I woke up with pimples all over my body… I must have done some allergy to some condiment or so. Vacations without being sick aren’t vacations to me LOL

About knitting… My sweater is almost done, just have some finishings to do!!! 😀 Thanks Sharon for the needles! Without them I could never finish it so soon! And I have 3 dolls made, just have to do the clothing now.

And now back to work (the worst part of taking some vacations…)