Beautiful ThreadSence Lookbook

You really have to check out the new Summer 2011 Lookbook from! Just plain gorgeous.


Lets play Mikado?


My 16 pairs of bamboo needles have finally arrived!!!! Now I’m sooooo anxious to play with them!…

My new yarns!

I haven’t forgot to post my new yarns. But today was a crazy day at work. Yesterday, a friends uncle died, so tonight I had to go to church to give her a big hug. And then I came back and work some more. So, apologies for the poor quality of the photos.

Here’s the Debbie Bliss – Maya, in green. Gorgeous green! 100% Handspun wool.

Next is the Noro, in browns:

I bought some Shanghai Chunky:

And some randoms:

Some mohair yarn in purple:

And P. gave me this Lara Lamb Wrap Kits. She actually fought it was a scarf and a hat 😀 But since it wasn’t and she doesn’t knit, she gave them to me!

And the last one, this purple cotton (only 29 pence):

But I bought some fabrics too:

I had so much fun shopping! For moments I had forgot my cold! ih ih ih

Almost leaving

Tomorrow morning I’m leaving! YAY! Finally I’m going to have vacations. So, what is it expected to do in the day before, having to get an aeroplane at 8 a.m.?

No, I haven’t done my suitcase yet. I haven’t even thought about what to take with me! I was sleeping distracted with my knitting all afternoon! I have decided to do Princess Philo Cable Bag Kelly to my mother.

Here a photo of what I’ve done so far:

Now I should be getting ready to go to the shopping centre to buy some presents to give my friends over there. But no… I’m writing this post as I look for Yarn Shops in Swansea! I’m such a freak!

So far, I’ve found Mrs. Macs Shop. For what I’ve seen, it sells mostly Rowan Yarns. I’ve also found Habiknit and H. R. Jones & Co, but any info on this ones. I guess I have to stop by and look!

Why don’t we have decent yarn shops in Portugal? 😦 Here, Yarn Shops look like they have stopped in time. They don’t offer much merchandise, or quality. And buying on-line is so expensive…

But this is no time for tears! I’m going to travel and I’m happy!

Be aware Wales! Here I goooo!

Christmas shopping

I’ve spent my all day shopping.. I’m dead so excited about Christmas! I have all the presents I needed 🙂

To my friend S. I’m going to give her a very nice baby yarn and a baby sweater pattern, healthy arabies cookies and, of course, a nice tea.

In this photo you can see all the package. The sweet Celestial Seasonins, Sleeping Time to help her to relax while knitting…

The lovely baby yarn, O Bebé Degráde from Irmãos Viriato, Lda. in green and white.

And the biologic Arabies cookies yammi

My friend C. is going to marry and is now equipping his house. So… For him I’ve got a bottle of water, cause the time isn’t the best!

Ok.. Since its very cold, and he’s got water, he can make some tea… So here is more of Celestial Seasoning tea, this time Tension Tamer.

But, how is he going to drink it?? In this nice mug 😀 (“chá” is tea in portuguese)

But this sweet tea deserves to be shared… So here is another mug to his fiancé. It has a Bocage poem. Bocage is an ancient portuguese poet, very romantic. It says “Nascemos para amar; a Humanidade vai, tarde ou cedo, aos laços da ternura. Tu és doce atractivo, oh fermosura, que encanta, que seduz, que persuade.” (translating something like “We are born to love; the Humanity is going, sooner or later, to the bounds of tenderness. You are attractive sweet, oh gorgeous, who charms, who seduces, who captivates” and in the inside “Nascemos para amar; a Humanidade” (“We are born to love; the Humanity”).

But… How are they going to make the tea?? Here is an electric kettle.

I really hope C. and S. like their presents!