Vacations are over. For now I mean. It tasted like heaven!

I really love London and my sweetie loved that city too. So next year we’re moving over there! We already saw some places we like: Canary Wharf or North Greenwich. It is so beautiful! Just by the river, away from the confusion, but very near the city.

Here’s my luv by Picadilly Circus:

We went to Oxford Street to do some shopping and I fell in love with a Gola shoes. They’re lovely and super comfortable! In the colors gray and pink. They are similar to these, but much darker:

Since we were in London, the multi-cultured European city, we wanted to try different food. We ate the English Breakfast and Fish and Chips, lots of Italian food (Yammi) and some other specimen. One of these was Thai food. I loved it, but the next day I woke up with pimples all over my body… I must have done some allergy to some condiment or so. Vacations without being sick aren’t vacations to me LOL

About knitting… My sweater is almost done, just have some finishings to do!!! 😀 Thanks Sharon for the needles! Without them I could never finish it so soon! And I have 3 dolls made, just have to do the clothing now.

And now back to work (the worst part of taking some vacations…)


I’m back!!

First of all, I want to apologise for my absence from here. I’ve been doing a thousand things more, and the little extra time I have, I try to be away from the computer.

As for my knitting, my sweater it’s only a sleeve away! 😀 Don’t have the time to knit either…

And why don’t I have time for blogging or knitting, you may ask? Well… I kinda have a boyfriend now! It’s great news, because he is exactly what I’ve been searching for. We’re very happy together. Tomorrow it’s our first monthiversary eh eh eh

I’m trying to knit him a little princess, but I just don’t have the time for anything! But yesterday (it was our 4 weeks together) I gave him a rose with my perfume. He loved it! For tomorrow I’m thinking about doing an apple pie. LOL why do lovers look like fools???

Oh well, as for everything else, all its good! I’m going to London on vacations in two weeks with honey, and I’ve been travelling around Portugal with some friends.

But now the weather isn’t cooperating. It looks like January. Lots of rain and cold. I hate this weather!!

Saturday was C. and A. wedding. It was beautiful, my dear C. was so happy! I cried so much… It’s not every day that our best friend gets married! Here is a picture of the two, look how beautiful they look together!

One of those days…

Today I’m felling a little like Cass. I have to stop reading her blog, because I think I’m getting infected.

I’m having a series of non-fortunate happenings.

I’m not a high wheel girl. I prefer my trainers. My life for my trainers! So, this weekend I went party with a girl friend to Spain. All dressed up, make-up and evil high wheels. I was raining cats and dogs and I don’t have to say that I fell over a huge puddle of water. I was all wet and now I am sick and have blisters all over my delicate feet.

Now it’s very hard for me to walk, even on trainers, so my mother gives me a lift to the metro in the morning.

Today’s scenario: It’s very cold, raining like hell, I’m still sick, and my feet hurt. My brother goes down the stairs, enters my mom’s car. I was going slowly, trying not to hurt my feet and trying to secure the umbrella (I’m very clumsy with umbrellas, always get hit in the face). I was in the last step and my mother sweetly drives off… (It seems that my brother told her I wasn’t going :S )

I had to walk all the way to the station and got all wet.

Getting at work, one of my colleague have being messing around with my computer, and had broken it. I lost all my mp3 data. I had to install everything and now I don’t have any of the programs I need to work.  

So… meanwhile I thought “hmmm I think I’m going to do a hot chocolate to cheer me up!” Good idea, no? NO!

I’ve putted my cup of milk and hot cocoa (given by Sharon, my super hot cocoa spoiler) inside the microwave, set the time, and a minute later it went BUM! LOL

Oh yeah! Bits of chocolate everywhere! In the microwave, in the table, floor, walls… 😦 It seems that somebody had increased the heating power, and I haven’t noticed.

Why did I get up today???

Hot Cocoa Swap – Question of the week #4

And this week question is….

What is your most memorable vacation? Where did you go? What made it memorable?

This is so easy! 😀 eh eh eh

It was without any doubt the rally I made last year. It was a charitable rally, running from Plymouth (England) to Banjul (The Gambia) – around 7 thousand kilometers. The track was supposed to be similar with Lisbon-Dakar Rally. I travelled in my old Renault 19 trough Portugal, Spain, Morocco, The Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Senegal and The Gambia. And yes, the car survived!

I’ve seen so many different cultures, met so different people, seen so different landscapes. I’ve fallen in love with African smell, African colors, African people. I had no idea Moroccan guys were so beautiful! Tanned and with green eyes! OMG green eyes!

I know my life was in danger sometimes. But when I was there, everything was so intense, I seem not to notice it. For instance, once we were in Mauritania. We had just crossed the Sahara desert heading for the border with Senegal. I had a very violent car accident and basically, the wheel fell off.

We went to a camping site to weld it to the car again. I’ve met the owner, a beautiful fancy drug dealer man that looked very very rich. He was drinking his tea, offered me some, and while my friend was trying to weld the piece, he was over the jeep talking to me. And then he turned to my friend and asked if he could marry me! LOL and he said no!!! I could be a millionaire by now! After that, the gave me compliments and went away.

It was dark, very dark, I was closed inside the jeep, only with my camera and a very little knife. Shiny objects started to appear all around me. Objects that turn out to be guns. Big ones! And I was only carrying my little knife… The guys were getting closer, closer, and my friend appears from nowhere! Scared the hell out of me!

The piece was ready and we went back to my car to fix it, where the rest of my group was waiting. The guys put my car back together, and since it was night, very late, I had no lights in my car and it was always overheating, we decided to sleep in the cars and head for the border first thing in the morning.

Perfect, right? No, not really.

Five minutes after we all get in the cars to sleep, a jeep full of soldiers appeared. I was the “boss lady” (only because I can speak French) and the huge captain turned to me and asked me to marry him explained that we couldn’t stay there for the night. It was a military road, and no traffic was allowed at night. For who doesn’t know, Mauritania is in war and the Dakar Rally was even canceled this year because they received so many death threats. So as you see it isn’t a safe country, at least for a foreigner little girl like me. I tried to explain what happened, the troubles we were having with my car, and that we road wasn’t safe for us to travel in those conditions. But he was intransigent. We either could choose to go to the near campsite (HELL NO!!! I didn’t want to be surrounded by guns again) or to go straight to the border. After a conference, we all agreed the best thing to do was to go to the border. We tied my car to one friend jeep so we could see the road with the jeep’s back lights and wouldn’t have to start the car, cause he was overheating and we couldn’t stop.

We got to the border safely (at least is what I like to think). After giving away tons of money, border soldiers offered us tea and we were all drinking, talking and eating pot noodles. We slept in our cars until 6 a.m., time that Senegal border was open.

After getting out of the shit hole called Mauritania, Senegal seemed a paradise! Everybody was so happy, so relaxed! I really liked Senegal. But as everything in life, it had highs and lows. The biggest low was undoubtedly the poverty. I had some goods with me to give to children. When I handed them clothes, toys, food, school material, they were so touched and I was so touched that I couldn’t help some tears from falling.

I had so many adventures within that month… We got lost everywhere! We escaped (non intentionally) from Moroccan customs. We waited for 3 hours for a pizza in Pizza Hut. I’ve seen the most romantic landscapes ever. I slept under Sahara Desert stars. I ate what we call Dust Bread, cause we were so hungry, that we bought some bread in a little village in the desert. And all that bread tasted of was dust and sand. But I ate that. We got lost in the desert. I’ve driven in the beach, ocean in one side, desert in the other. I was robbed. I was asked in marriage at least 50 times (and I’m not exaggerating). I was sexual arrested by 3 Senegalese women. I had a food poisoning. I had a car accident. I was in a little ferry boat with people hanging on the sides, wondering when it would sink. A little girl asked me to bring her with me to Portugal. I cried and laughed. I ate the best pepper steak (don’t ask me if I was sure it was that) ever in a very fancy Gambian restaurant for only 1 Euro (2 Euros is a mensal payment there for loads of people). I have been treated as royalty in Banjul airport. I had met good friends. And more, so much more!

A Moroccan Police Station. We had to stop a gazillion times to deliver our ids.

We starving patiently waiting at Pizza Hut

Sefrou at sunset

South Morocco

South Morocco

First car to fight the sand

Sahara desert (we caught a sand storm)

Sahara desert road

Senegalese sunset

Ferry boat getting loaded

I could go on more, but I’m going to control myself. If you want, I can tell more stories about it.

It was the time of my life !sighing! 🙂

Get your motor runnin’

Yesterday was the National Celica’s Meeting. I went there with my kitten, and he behave so good! Everybody loved it! I’m a proud owner, I admit!

The only down of the day was a stupid asshole drunk guy. He must be around 35 years old, living with is mother, and still a virgin!! He spent the all day complaining because I drive, because of the way I shuted my door, because I leaned over my car, because I am a WOMAN!

But in general, it was a good day, a fun day! And mostly, because I had a chance to drive my car in the highway. Now I am a little worried, because I was too fast, (around 160 km/h) and the police was watching the streets… Maybe I will get one letter at home with a fine 😦

These young people… They don’t think… :$

And here is my car once again:

Get your motors running

Tomorrow is the Celica concentration, the first organized in Portugal! For the most distracted, or new here, I have a Toyota Celica, my dream car. I’ve already fill it with petrol (oh my… so expensive! €1,553 per litre!), clean it (or polished it), checked tires, everything is ready for tomorrow! I’m so excited!

I leave here another photo of my kitten! Vrum Vrum Vruuummm 😀

My new yarns!

I haven’t forgot to post my new yarns. But today was a crazy day at work. Yesterday, a friends uncle died, so tonight I had to go to church to give her a big hug. And then I came back and work some more. So, apologies for the poor quality of the photos.

Here’s the Debbie Bliss – Maya, in green. Gorgeous green! 100% Handspun wool.

Next is the Noro, in browns:

I bought some Shanghai Chunky:

And some randoms:

Some mohair yarn in purple:

And P. gave me this Lara Lamb Wrap Kits. She actually fought it was a scarf and a hat 😀 But since it wasn’t and she doesn’t knit, she gave them to me!

And the last one, this purple cotton (only 29 pence):

But I bought some fabrics too:

I had so much fun shopping! For moments I had forgot my cold! ih ih ih