I’ve moved!

Now you can find me at www.sofiazinha.com!


Which pattern?

Today I was passing by my local yarn shop and I just didn’t resist to buy “Egipto” from Tricots I.M. Lda. It was in sale and I’ve never tried it before. Its in light pink, 100% cotton, 100% Portuguese and I have no idea what to do with it…

Here I am, wondering on Ravelry, trying to find a pattern for this yarn. What do I do?

A bag? A hat? A scarf? Oh decisions decisions…

Merry Christmas!

Here Christmas is just beginning. Santa came last night, today was the celebration of Jesus birth, and the party is going to extend until the Kings Day (January 6th), which was when baby Jesus received the visit of the three kings.

Santa brought me more presents though. An amazing jewellery box with the world map, so I can schedule my next travellings in my new agenda, while reading my new two books, making myself beautiful with my new lip gloss, my new underwear and my new wonderful top.

Here is my beautiful with some of my presents and his own present 🙂 He’s my biggest gift of all times!

I hope your Christmas is as happiest as mine!

Merry Christmas Oh Oh Oh